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Are you planning an event in Fort Smith or the surrounding River Valley Region? Whether it's a wedding, reunion, fundraiser or just one heckuva get-together, Sodie's 2 You delivers the life of the party!

Where do I start? 

Party planning for a small gathering of 30 or maybe a group of 300? Just contact us by phone, text or email,  give us a few details of the type of event and how many you expect, then we'll make suggestions to help you plan drinks for the party. It's also helpful to use this drink calculator. You choose which liquor store to purchase from and we'll arrange to pick up your pre-paid alcohol and deliver it to your event.

What is "beverage catering?"

Beverage catering includes the following:

  • Picking up your prepaid liquor from the store

  • Icing down drinks

  • Delivering cold drinks to your wedding or event venue

  • Setting up your bar table

  • Keeping beverages cold all night

  • Providing bartender(s) to serve your drinks

What features does the Bar Trailer offer?

The Sodie's 2 You Bartending Trailer is unlike anything you've ever seen. Custom designed with a 55" TV mounted on the outside of the trailer, it has a portable satellite and speakers to watch sporting events, play music or view photos.

The inside of the trailer features:

  • Dual top margarita machine (which can also be used to make slushy wine drinks)

  • Two cocktail stations

  • Wine refrigerator

  • Taps for four kegs

  • Iced beer bins for cans and bottles 


Can you place my liquor order for me?

Arkansas Law requires that you purchase your alcohol from the liquor store of your choice prior to the event. 

If there are leftovers, do you buy them back?

Arkansas law prohibits purchasing alcohol back from customers but we can offer some suggestions on how to determine how much alcohol you will need based on how many people will be at your event.

Will the supplies be delivered separately earlier in the day or will the bartender deliver and set up shortly before time to start?

We will deliver items whenever you want. Generally it is before the event. We will also provide ice and ice chests to keep your products cold during your event (if you're not using the trailer). With the trailer, everything is served as it would be in a bar setting. Bartenders usually arrive 30 minutes prior to event to prepare any garnishes or mix batch drinks you may have.

Is there a required hour minimum to do the event?

If you want delivery only, then there is not a time minimum. When we provide bartenders, we generally want the event to be 4 hours, but that can be negotiable as long as bartenders are happy with it.

How much does it cost?

Click here to see our pricing. If you don't see an option for what you have in mind, please message or call us.

How far out will you go for events?

Generally about 45 minutes to an hour in all directions from Fort Smith. Price for delivery and trailer increases the further out. Ask for pricing.

What kind of power outlet is needed to have the trailer at our event?

We can hook the trailer up to a 220v outlet if available or we have a generator that will power everything if no power outlet is available.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

How Sodie's 2 You Works

Pro Tip:

Ask for case discounts from your favorite liquor store.

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